Reverse Circulation For Mineral Exploration

Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling is adaptable to variable ground conditions and suitable for drilling through challenging geological formations such as permafrost, glacial till, and unconsolidated rock. MSD operates truck or track mounted machines, capable of being mobilized to remote drill sites with a light helicopter. MSD offers two methods of RC drilling: the Centre SampleContinue reading “Reverse Circulation For Mineral Exploration”


PILINGSMSD offers sizes from 3” up to 16” steel casing of required wall thickness, and any angle from 90 to 45 degrees. Our pilings services include: Open Ended Steel casing pilesSocketed into bedrock and grouted into place with regular or SIKA 100 arctic grout. ADFREEZE Steel Pipe PilesUsed in Permafrost areas with a sand waterContinue reading “Construction”